Local Government Valuations

LG Valuation Services is the largest independent provider of municipal revaluation services in Australia. We have a proud history, working on a diverse range of local government revaluation projects in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Since 1973 LG Valuation Services has built a reputation for maintaining a high level of service and support for our municipal clients.

Municipal Valuations

LG Valuations understand that each municipal valuation requires accurate data and highly experienced valuers that are knowledgeable of current market conditions. They must also be proficient with the latest IT applications and motivated to return a high quality and timely revaluation.

Based on principles of integrity, quality and consistency, LG Valuation Services offer:

  • a proud working history in the areas of Local Government, State Government and related public authority valuations.
  • a planned, practical approach to each project that results in the return of fair and accurate valuations.
  • a capable motivated team with a good blend of experienced valuers and well supervised cadets.
  • use of new technology to further facilitate quality outcomes.
  • a transparent approach during the objection period that allows clients and ratepayers to question all data and valuations.
  • a sound working knowledge of the valuation principles, legislation, and relevant case law applicable to local government and municipal valuations.

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